Experiential learning that runs deep.

Our trademarks are learning experiences that drive deep behavioral change.

They leave imprints.

We deliver on organizational learning and development goals by focusing on people, their motivations, ambitions and preconceptions.

A learning experience that is all-encompassing.

Our trademarks are designed with large doses of creativity, authenticity and an unshakeable belief in the good.

We know that addressing mindset shifts is central to, and precedes, skill-building.

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find out more The best way to discover more is to start a conversation. We have 30 minutes for you, when you are ready.
find out more The best way to discover more is to start a conversation. We have 30 minutes for you, when you are ready.


A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning experience for organizations who are committed to driving mindset change.
PAN focuses on individual identity over group identity; on strengths rather than on differences; on collaborations rather than on recognition of divisions. This isn't a course about meeting compliance requirements. It is about being deeply invested in personal change.

Get a Taste


It is a game
A learning experience. A journey of discovery. It’s responsibility for an outcome, not just a set of tasks. It’s taking initiative with thoughtful, strategic follow-through. Accountability is, first of all, a mindset

Get Burnt


The much needed skills of the future: agility, ruthless focus, unorthodoxy & mindfulness. Explore the multiverse and find new ways to apply critical thinking, improve self-confidence, create psychological safety and mindset of instant excellence.


A high touch, customizable, scalable, self-renewal experience. It's designed to help talents in need of navigating change to get a grip and turn their life around. Upgrade productivity and presence. Exercise control over what and how to think.


A Platform for captivating stories and self-branding. A supportive space to express and connect. The power of the craft for both the teller and the listener. We are one.


Preventing and dealing with conflicts, disagreements, personality irks, power-struggles, trust issues, bullies. Experiential learning in dispute resolution, arbitration, negotiation, peacemaking.


Thrive on uncertainty. Manage ambiguity. Lead across generations and in transitional environments. A surprising experience of mental rejuvenation to cope with continuous change and trend shifts.


The riches of a role and responsibility workshop made alive. The experience of becoming a transformational agent in the workplace. Reassess everyday behaviors, deliverables, commitment and self branding.


Mindset shift to exploit every opportunity and streamline tasks. The reasons for caring and sharing. An insane experience to bring out the best of nearly everyone.


Zwang embodies the pressures faced by project managers such as time limitations, resource constraints and stakeholder expectations. It teaches them to run successful projects beyond the initial burst of enthusiasm.


A time detergent to clean up habits, discover meaning and reduce stress-related symptoms. The myth of work-life balance. A zillion ways to make time shine.


Defend your brand. Ground-breaking experience that challenges mindsets on sales and competitive landscape. Learning occurs in real-life situations immersed in a creative framework.


The power of informal influence. How to give life to ideas, advocate them and make the difference. Alliances, lobbying and crackerjack presentations.


How to build trust, maintain it, recover it. The universal basis for individual survival and organizational engagement.


How to make use of energy drivers to magnetize yourself and everyone around you. The ability to make positive choices. Build self confidence, access opportunities. Who needs a manager?

It's Electric


Ideation process and creative thinking applied to individuals, groups and projects. Match multiple demands and gain advantage in adverse circumstances.


HA willpower double-down to get your act together.
Angst makes the world very small.
Grow a pair.


Master Self Leadership before leading others. A progression, different with each individual, that hinges on trustworthy behaviors. Vision. Rules of engagement and directions on how to achieve goals.


Leverage uniqueness. Empower everyday people and transform them into the most kick-ass versions of themselves.


Manage emotions and apply them to tasks. Overcome performance inhibitors. Self Change. No matter how smart you are, if your emotional abilities are not in hand you are not going very far.


Disarm mind-traps and activate propellers to unzip full potential and find purpose. Enable healthy persons to make their work-lives even better.


Mental representations and meaning-making anchors. Using self to make sense and to make choices. Self-regulatory tools to plan the future.


Openness and Feedback. Team norms. Shared agreements. Get along with team members and get things back on track.


Refine brainpower. Calibrate social interactions. Leverage learning styles to the company's advantage. Adaptive and flexible leadership exerted through action. A must.