Joy is the experience of possibility, the consciousness of one’s freedom as one confronts one’s destiny.

Every day we experience the assault on freedom and the loss of agency: the sense that our life, circumstance, or some other external factor is thwarting our desired outcomes.

By recalibrating our relationship to freedom we enact our capacity to experience awe and wonder, to imagine solutions, to create the future, to express our best self, to be compassionate and generous. All of these are essential to the human capacity to savor life.

This is the reason behind the make of ‘Polaris’ a learning experience on joy and freedom, designed to bring encouragement in the often dispiriting corporate domain.

Joy is an overflowing of inner energies and leads to awe and wonderment.

Joy is a release, an opening up; it is what comes when one is able genuinely to let go.

Happiness is associated with contentment; joy with freedom and an abundance of human spirit.

Joy is new possibilities; it points toward the future.

Joy is living on the razor’s edge.

Joy is the thrill of new continents to explore; it is an unfolding of life.

We all stand on the edge of life, each moment comprising that edge.

Before us is only possibility.

This means the future is open.

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