I get it. Batman sucks. He has poorly defined set of powers, and he overuses the batmotifs. The point is that writing is not really a superpower, and Batman is not really a superhero. Yet the ability to write is the greatest global force after viral lockdown dance challenges on tik tok.

From sculpting beautiful stories to telegraphic chat-content, formulating excellent writing is at the center of everything we do in the modern era: coding, copywriting, legal contracts, movie scripts, reports, business proposals, lyrics, emails, blogs, and grocery lists. The narrative of humanity.

Batman is human; we see ourselves in him. Anyone can become the Batman. Anyone can learn how to write compelling stuff.

Writing about how to write is asking for trouble. But here I am. Pull the trigger. Switch tab.

First. You are iconic.

As a human, all you have is your body, your sheer will, your determination.

Your will to learn is the only skill that truly matters.

If you can learn, unlearn, and re-learn decently, the world is at your feet.

As a human, you get the chance to dedicate your entire life to a bigger purpose.

All you have to do is learn.

Hence you can learn how to write. Make sense?

Be Incorruptible.

If you think writing is literature, think again.

Writing is the ability to transform ideas, thoughts and emotions into words.

Conveying the same weight and meaning as you do in relevant and empathic eye-to-eye connections.

Regrettably, degrees are cookie cutters and no two people could possibly create the same learning mosaic.

So, you will have to find your set of convictions and keep going.

Writing will force you to think a little bit deeper and a little bit harder about how exactly you breathe life into your thoughts and ideas.

Keep coming back.

Writing transforms the way that you think.

When you write, you are able to actually look back and review your use of language.

You can reexamine your own reasoning, judgment, coherence.

It also enables you to see through your audience’s eyes: whether text message recipients, a crowd, or multiple addressees.

You start asking yourself how can you make sure your message actually registers with this or that person.

Ultimately, this is the way you learn to think before you speak.

Ohmygosh! You can be Robin!

Learn from other Batmen.

Force good writing onto yourself through painstaking hours of tutelage.

Pay attention to writing. Study the classics. Read great literature. Read anything.

Kind of a brute force learning. Analyze every single ad or byline you put your hands on.

Gain traction by detecting stylistic errors, grammar cockups, misplaced adjectives, desultory construction.

Writing well is, like anything else, a simple set of reproducible habits and behaviors that anyone can learn.

You just have to commit the time and the energy.

Apply what you learn and see what happens.

Beat the daylights out of the villains.

In this cyber-ocean of hasty, careless messages alluring us into click and buy.

The best way to stand out is to communicate quality, texture, elegance through breathtaking writing.

Writing allows you to influence the hearts and minds of others around you.

To shape and influence thought patterns, and in doing so, lives.

If you write well, you communicate well. If you communicate well, you succeed.

Bat-writing is the key.

Be the symbol that all Gothams hope for.

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